Fairtest: Leaders Begin to Hear and React to Anti-Testing Movement

Please folks, read this and decide if YOUR district ought to opt out and resist

Diane Ravitch's blog

Bob Schaeffer of FAIRTEST summarizes the fast-moving events of the past week in the burgeoning movement to stop high-stakes testing:

An explosive week for the testing resistance and reform movement. Nationally, pressure is mounting on President Obama, Secretary Duncan and members of Congress to cut back on federal mandates which help drive standardized exam insanity. At the same time, grassroots campaigns are forcing local officials to overhaul the testing policies they control — today’s summary includes stories from 19 states as well as several excellent commentaries.

Revolt Against Common Core Testing Goes National

Eleven National Civil Rights Groups Urge Obama Administration to Drop Test-Based “Accountability”

Arne Duncan Blows Standardized Smoke

Does Arne Duncan Think “Suburban Moms” Are Really That Gullible?

California Moving Rapidly Toward Post-NCLB Accountability

What Are Delaware Schools Teaching? Test Prep

Florida State House Candidates Agree: Too Much Testing

Florida Should…

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